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We wish that all our school community, friends and families, are doing well and finding a path to restore their soul wellness and material belongings. After the September 19th earthquake, our school suffered some damage on its infrastructure. The College of Teaches (Coordinación Pedagógica), together with the school administrator, has taken steps so the school life may be restored in the best possible way and as soon as possible. The school has been inspected by two architects and a civil engineer. It is a structural engineer, who complies with the government requirements, the person who prepared and submitted the expert opinion about the current condition of our school. After we present this opinion to the educational and the civil protection authorities, and they accept it as accurate and true, we will be able to reopen the school and resume classes with our students.

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The Damages We Suffered

The metal structure that holds each one of the cabins used by 5th, 8th and 9th is slightly bent. This impairs the general structure of the cabins. There is no risk of collapse but the recommendation is to repair them before any use. The cabin of a preschool group also suffered damages since the soil below the cabin floor slide towards the ravine that crosses the school land. This caused a crack on the floor and a shift of one of the cabin walls. While there is no risk of collapse, the whole cabin must be rebuilt. The classroom assigned this school year to Eurythmy and chorus suffered damages on the front wall, at both sides of the door, and there are cracks in the rest of the walls. Fortunately, there is no structural damage, and the repairs are almost finished. At the end of the land, on the area we call the forest, the wall fell down and we must rebuild a new one, as well as the stone fence in front of the 9th grade classroom. Small constructions scattered over the land of the school used long ago to keep dogs were impaired by the earthquake and so were demolished.

Repair and Reconstruction Works

We Are Thankful to:

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  • Fam. Haddad López, who will store school furniture while we lack space to keep it
  • Fam. Pérez-Moreno Silva, who donated two rolls of plastic cover 100 m long and 2 m wide
  • Fam. Rubí Salazar, who donated two rolls of plastic strip
  • Fam. Orozco Almandoz, who offered a wire fence section
  • Fam. Gámez Bustamante, who helped us to get the pallets for the preschool area
  • Fam. Colina Cuevas, who will help us to get donations
  • Fam. Güemes Vázquez, who transported the pavilion-like structure in the preschool area
  • Fam. Barón Valencia, who donated money
  • Fam. Díaz Matuk, who donated money
  • Fam. Quintero Nicho, who donated money for the repairs
  • Erica Bañuelos
  • La Ferre
  • Estudio Allaire
  • Grupo Omnibuses de México
  • Comidas con Amor and Roberto Vargas, who donated poles for the wire fence
  • Silvia Carabias and the Brigada de Morelos, who brought gloves, masks, and shears, and once fed the people working
  • Fam. Fernández de Ortega Furnelli, who donated a door for the wire fence, helped us get the civil protection experts to visit our school and came to the school to help us
  • Fam. Ambriz Torres, who offered transportation of the materials for the repairs
  • Rubén Arrieta and family, who donated 40 pallets
  • All parents that have come to help us:
  • Alejandro Cerda, Keiko and Raúl Servín, Kenneth Rosenzweig, Silvia Carabias, Adriana and Mauricio Garay, Isaías Ortega, Nuria and Helmut, Gely Andere, Julio Fons, Gerardo Cisneros, Michael Tumforde, Javier Pruñonosa, Claudio Álvarez, Lucía Cuevas, Norman Mercado, Lupita Barón, Tere Salazar, Aixchel Vázquez, Nayeli Macías, Analí Ochoa, as well as all teachers and administrative staff.
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    You can donate in México to:

    Escuela Waldorf de Cuernavaca S.C. via bank deposit or wire transfer to account number 0164557212 de Bancomer. CLABE: 012540001645572133.

    For donations in the USA:

    Recipient: Escuela Waldorf de Cuernavaca, S.C. Bank: BBVA Bancomer Account number: 0164557212 ABA: SW021000021

    For donations in Europe:

    Recipient: Escuela Waldorf de Cuernavaca, S.C. Bank: BBVA Bancomer Account number: 0164557212 SWIFT: BCMRMXMMPYM

    All donations are tax deductible. To request an invoice, please send an email to:, including your bank or wire transfer receipt and full general information.

    Escuela Waldorf de Cuernavaca S.C., dirección Campo Florido no. 105, Col. Santa María Ahuacatitlán, 62100, Cuernavaca, Morelos, México.

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    El sismo es un suceso completamente extraordinario, nadie espera que de un momento a otro nos encontremos en una situación semejante. Es obvio que asumir estas reparaciones es algo que está fuera de todo plan y nos obliga a buscar mecanismos que nos permitan salir adelante. También nos permite reconocer que solos no podremos lograrlo: necesitamos sus corazones, sus cabezas y sus manos en esta gran prueba.